Top Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Now that you decided you wanted the best vacuum cleaner for carpets or a vacuum cleaner that easily cleans both rugs and hard floors, you should follow this guide on how to pick the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. It is one thing to look for the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for the elderly and quite another to get a commercial vacuum cleaner for your business.

So, you have many features and specifications to consider, not to mention the multitude of vacuum cleaner types. Since vacuuming is not an easy feat per se, you want your new vacuum cleaner to do a fantastic job without you putting in too much effort. Moreover, it has to meet some of your most specific needs. Therefore, let’s see next to the aspects you need to factor in your purchase decision!

Vacuum Cleaners’ Design and Build

dyson ball multi floor upright vacuum cleaner

When it comes to a vacuum cleaner’s design and build, you might have to choose between different construction types. Each comes with its benefits and downsides, and we will discuss them later in this guide. However, let’s see in short what you should consider when it comes to a vacuum cleaner’s design and building.

1. Bag or Bag-less Vacuum Cleaners

One of the main things to look for when you buy a vacuum cleaner is their “with bag” or bag-less construction. Both varieties are quite useful in cleaning different types of areas, but each has its upsides. Users consider bag-less vacuum cleaners to be more convenient because maintenance is easy: you just detach and remove the full bag of dirt and throw it away. Of course, you should always have vacuum cleaner replaceable bags at hand to put a new one instead of the filled one.  On the other hand, machines that feature no bags but a dust bin, are easy to clean any time you want to, with the amendment that such models are not the safest of choice for people with severe dust allergies.

2. Corded or Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

A cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to move freely around the house while cleaning, without you tripping on the cord or putting in the extra effort of dragging the cord along. Cordless vacuums are more lightweight in general than corded ones and make some of the best lightweight vacuum cleaner options for elderly people or those who are too weak to handle a corded vacuum. The main downside of cordless vacuum cleaners is that they run on batteries, and you should replace these batteries often to get your machine to perform. Cordless vacuum cleaners are, obviously, ideal for smaller apartments and homes.

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