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Enjoy your unconfined cleaning job.

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Find the plan B in your trunk  for your emergencies.

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One is All

You deserve the good value for moneny.

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Backup for Your Day

Cumbersome cleaning job after a full schedule day, simply take out your VacLife Cordless Handheld Vacuums to get the job done in least efforts. Free yourself from the schedule and enjoy the rest of your precious day. VacLife is always your backup.

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Reassuring Assistant

The mess of pet hair clinging on sofa and carpet puts a hitch in your plans to have fun with your lovelies? VacLife Stick Vacuums are made to perform the duties. Play with your pets in delight, pet hair is no longer a drag on your fun time.

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Our Stories with VacLife

Great product! All the little attachmentsare great as well! The fact that is can clean dry and wet messes is terrific and cleaning my car is much easier than stopping at those gross car vacuums to clean my floors

Paige Mackenzie

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 This product works for all family types. I was able to fill the air in
all the tires of both my cars after a cold winter and get all the bikes ready for riding! All within 5 minutes of opening the box.
Great product. 

James DeCook

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Extremely Mom Friendly! It is a Micro-Giant for the home and car.
all features work beyond what I thought they would perform. The LED light put a spot light on things I have been missing in my car and around home appliances. The best out of ANY handheld vacuum I have used. Thank you! 

Jesi Barber

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