Specific Problems in Your Home

Now that you saw some of the leading vacuum cleaners’ designs and builds, it is time to look at the next factor that you should consider before buying a vacuum cleaner: some specific issues in your home that require specific interventions.

1. Asthma and Allergies

Unfortunately, according to health experts,

more than 25 million people in the United States have asthma. Allergic asthma is the most common type, affecting around 60% of people with asthma. Both allergic and non-allergic asthma have the same symptoms, such as shortness of breath and wheezing. Having allergic asthma means allergens trigger your asthma symptoms. Allergens cause an allergic reaction because your immune system thinks they are harmful. Your immune system responds by releasing a substance called immunoglobulin E (or IgE). Too much IgE can trigger inflammation (swelling) of the airways in your lungs. This can make it harder for you to breathe and can trigger an asthma attack.

In other words, keeping your home free of all possible allergens is mandatory if you have one or more family members dealing with such issues. The best vacuum cleaners for asthma and allergies usually feature authentic (genuine) HEPA filters, certified to trap and remove 99.7% of harmful allergens, dust, mites, and other asthma/allergy triggers.

As we said before, it is imperative to clean your HEPA filters or change them every six months to avoid any health inconveniences. Each vacuum cleaner designed to alleviate allergens in your home will feature its specifications when it comes to replacing HEPA filters. However, in case you don’t find much information in the instructions manual, keep in mind to change the filters at least twice a year.

2. Pets

No matter if you are a dog lover or a cat lover, pet hair gets all over the place, from floors to carpets, to upholstery. The main issue is to keep pet hair and dander away from babies, young children, and people with a vulnerability/allergic sensitivity to pet hair in general. For this reason, you should look for the best vacuum cleaners for pets. Such vacuums come with particular tech specs and features to help remove pet hair from all nooks and crannies.

Pick a vacuum cleaner with significant suction power and even cyclonic technology to ensure a clean home all the time. Some of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair also come with genuine HEPA filters and several attachments and brushes to ensure all pet hair, dander, dandruff, and pet allergens are gone from your home.

3. Noise

If you have a powerful sensitivity to sounds, keep in mind that many vacuum cleaners are noisy. If you live in an apartment with a baby or thin walls, keep in mind you want a quiet vacuum cleaner that doesn’t wake kids up and doesn’t disturb the neighbors. You can handle your cleaning routine with no discomfort for you and others if you choose a vacuum cleaner within the 60-65 decibel range.

4. Weight

Small to medium vacuum cleaners work best for the elderly and the homes featuring multiple types of floors and even more than one story. On the other hand, a sizeable, heavy vacuum is best for single floor homes and people who do not mind carrying and dragging around a heavy-duty cleaning machine. Just make sure you pick one you know you can lift, work with, and store easily.

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