The Most Comprehensive List of 21 Best Vacuum Cleaners in 2022

In today’s market with massive brands, vacuum cleaners are as ubiquitous as household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, dish drying racks, and coffee makers, coming in miscellaneous varieties, sleek designs, appealing appearances, cool colors, powerful suction, and more - how are you supposed to know which one is perfect for your home?

Thankfully, there is an increasing number of product-review blogs coming in handy when you are contemplating, all claiming to be the most in-depth, objective, and comprehensive out of all. These blogs, professional as they are indeed, inundate you with extensive varieties (uprights, canisters, robots, cordless, handheld, and more) and distinct rankings. What on earth are the top picks you should opt for? You may get even more confused.

The cleaning itself can be a chore, let alone the time-consuming tool preparation.


Don’t sweat it, here we’ve got you a way out! After days of analyzing and sorting, we’ve listed and ranked 8 most-mentioned brands and their respective products based on blogs from 16 renowned professional review websites, followed by 21 recommendations. Hopefully, it will help make your mind efficiently and correctly. Read on to find it.


According to these reviews, there are some factors of paramount importance you need to consider before the purchase.

#1. Size: including the size of your home and the vacuum cleaner. A compact vacuum is ideal for small apartments, whereas a big house deserves a larger partner.

#2. Price: Most cleaning devices with higher prices turn out to be more powerful, efficient, and user-friendly. However, the high price is always a dealbreaker for most people.

#3. Dust Cup Capacity: You hardly want to empty the dust cup frequently, so you need a relatively large one to help empty regularly (once a week would be better).

#4. Attachments: A vacuum cleaner is hardly found multipurpose for different cleaning jobs until it comes with specialized attachments.

#5. Maneuverability: You will not love a vacuum cleaner that is hard to maneuver, especially when you live in a small house.

#6. Other Fundamental Features: suction power, suction setting, battery life, charging time, adjustable wand, battery indicator, and more.


Those top picks are listed below:


The sources of information are all found in the bibliography below.


That said, these top picks inevitably fall short in some pivotal aspects.

The last 4 brands, affordable as they are, are designed innately with some problems. For instance, they are lackluster on pet-hair removal from upholstery, less well-equipped, and cheaply built. The top 4 brands, though with the best overall performance, are not at affordable prices for most households.

In addition, the majority of these top picks share some conundrums.

#1. Canister & Upright Vacuum Cleaners: heavy and clunky to use, loud, less maneuverable, user-unfriendly, and space-consuming.

#2. Robot Vacuum Cleaners: limited coverage, loud, and poor performance on carpet and corner cleaning.

#3. Stick Vacuum Cleaners: loud, relatively small dust cup, unadjustable wand.

#4. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners: short battery life of 10 minutes, relatively weak suction, fewer attachments, small dust cup.


Considering the dilemma of high price and high performance, many a manufacturer, including VacLife, is seeking a tradeoff.


#1. If you are looking for a maneuverable and lightweight stick vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, large dust cup, adjustable length, long battery life, multiple attachments, and most importantly, affordable price, do not miss out on VacLife Powerful Stick Vacuum Cleaner.


Below, the specification chart will help you better know this product.


This powerful stick vacuum cleaner features a high-torque head with sturdy nylon bristles and LED lights for more exceptional pet-hair cleaning performance, as well as an adjustable and detachable wand quickly converting it into a handheld vacuum. Plus, the multiple attachments enable it to work exceptionally on multiple surfaces, perfect for people who vacuum daily.


#2. Handheld vacuum cleaners turn out to be more budget-friendly, so we offered multiple models for your preference. Go to the VacLife handheld vacuum cleaner family and pick your favorites. If you do not know how to distinguish and choose, our previous blog (buying guide) tells the difference.

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