VacLife Portable Handheld Vacuum with Motorized Brush for Pet Hair(VL726)



POWERFUL MOTORIZED BRUSH: Equipped with a powerful motorized brush, VacLife hand vacuum can tackle pet hair, pet dander, and pet messes with ease. No matter where is the pet mess, even on your carpet, bedclothes, or your car upholstery, this mini vacuum with a motorized brush can pull pet hair and dander out of the carpet fibers easily. VacLife hand held vacuum effectively helps you to get rid of the annoying pet hair.

MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS: Excluding the motorized brush for pet messes, this portable vacuum comes with a crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach areas such as the corners and cracks, and a dusting brush for carpets and other upholstery surfaces. The multiple attachments can meet your various cleaning needs. Besides, VacLife handheld vacuums have been insured by AIG. Just rest assured that your daily use of this product is properly shielded.

DOUBLE-FILTRATION SYSTEM: This handheld vacuum cleaner is embedded with a double-filtration system. The washable high-quality HEPA filter is covered by an innovative prefilter. The prefilter helps to keep out the large debris while the HEPA filter can effectively protect the dust from getting into the motor. It helps to reduce the risk of a loss of suction caused by dust blockage, thus ensuring fade-free suction in long-term use.

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: With a lightweight body and compact design, this wireless vacuum cleaner helps to save energy and time for you with free movement. Besides, the built-in LED light allows you to clean the corners and dark areas easily. This hand vacuum also features a user-friendly dust cup release button that helps to empty the dust cup easier. In addition, this cordless hand vacuum includes a battery indicator which is user-friendly to show the power consumption.

LONG BATTERY LIFE & CORDLESS TYPE: This portable vacuum cleaner for car and home is equipped with a high-capacity battery. It can be fully charged in 3.5-4 hours. On a full charge, this vacuum cleaner can continuously work for 18mins with a motorized brush assembled and 20mins with the motorized brush unassembled. Combined with the cordless design, VacLife hand held vacuum enables you to complete an all-round cleaning with unrestricted movement.




VacLife Portable Handheld Vacuum with Motorized Brush for Pet Hair(VL726)
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