It’s mid-Spring! How is your Spring cleaning going?


Your toddler is spilling breakfast for the umpteenth time, and your pets are shedding hair everywhere in the room, you instinctively grab the broom to deal with this mess. A broom is great, but not for a house with carpets, sofas, pets, and other troublesome areas, since you neither want to waste time clearing the twined hair nor leave any unwanted dirt behind - cleaning with debris left untended is not a great job proper. You are in short of a more multipurpose cleaner.


Speaking of cleaners, if you’re on the fence about what to buy to get your seasonal cleaning started, you’ve still got time for that - take a look at VacLife stick vacuum cleaner family and get one to help you out. How can your VacLife stick vacuum cleaner help with efficient and effective cleaning? The professional vacuum cleaner team has some tips to share with you. Hopefully, these tips will come in handy when needed.

*Before you start your cleaning job, remember to get your vacuum fully charged, and make sure the filtration system is completely dry and correctly installed. 

#1. Common Cleaning Tips

Always keep the beveled end of the nozzle paralleled with floors. VacLife hand vacuums are often randomly held during cleaning, albeit designed ergonomically, more or less affecting the suction power and user experience.  


Keep Proper Distance to Floor

Always keep a proper distance between the nozzle end and floors. The distance is supposed to be 1 inch or so, since the suction will decrease correspondingly if held higher. 


Cool it Down

For sake of battery health, VacLife team recommends you turn off the vacuum to let it cool down every time it keeps working for 10-15 minutes. This will extend the service life of VacLife vacuum to a large extent. 


Clear Large Dirt First

The vacuum is not that big and tough to suck large debris such as paper, plastic bags, and metal objects. Therefore, you need to sort large dirt before using VacLife hand vacuum. 

#2. The Use of Attachments 

Carpet Cleaning

Insert the dusting brush into the vacuum nozzle to clean rugs, upholstery, cushion, and other suede surfaces. A pesky mess you may encounter always is hair, especially when you are a pet owner. You love your Tom but are not likely to clear the tangles on the rugs or beds. If only my cuddly puppy or catty did not shed hair! You may sometimes plaint. You can handle it by installing the dusting brush, it’ll be no sweat! 

Hard-to-Reach Corners Cleaning

What if the cracks between sofas and car seats are found full of bread crumbs, paper scraps, and hard-to-pick debris, all too deep to reach? Install the crevice nozzle and put it into use! Remember to insert the flush end in and keep the beveled one paralleled with that of the vacuum nozzle (downward). 

#3. Other Cleaning Tips 

Keep an eye on the dust cup and filtration system.

The translucent dust cup makes it easy to observe the status of the cup. When the cup is full, simply take off and empty it to maintain the strong suction. Besides, if the HEPA filter is wrapped around by entangled hair and fine dust, you are also supposed to take off and clean it with the cleaning brush.


Turn on the LED light when necessary.

For a clearer view when cleaning dark corners or at night, turn on the LED light. In addition to the dusting brush and crevice nozzle, the LED light enables you to access further. 

As a homeowner, you spend a good portion of time in your house, sometimes with your beloved families and pets, so you carry the responsibility to declutter your house on a regular basis to keep it cozily livable. While VacLife is serious about cleaning, offering products with innovative technology to help you clean for years to come. If you love it, go for it.

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